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How to create a Menu

WordPress will automatically create a menu of your pages for you, but the Custom Menus function gives you total control of what appears in the menu, where it appears and also the menu title. This might seem a little confusing at first, but its a great thing. Many times the page title you want to use will take up half the width of your header where the navigation menu appears. Custom menu allows you to shorten or totally change the name that appears in the navigation.

So let’s set you the pages you’ve just created in custom menus.

Go to Appearance > Menu. First, create a menu name in the big top box on the right. Use something like Top Menu or Main Menu and save it. Next go to the top box named Theme Locations on the left and click the down arrow where you’ll see the menu name you just created. Select that name and click the Save button here too.

Now add your new pages to the menu. Find the box a little farther down named Pages and check all the page names you want in your navigation menu. Click the Add To Menu button and they magically appear in the main menu builder box at the top. Drag them around with your mouse to get them in the order you want to. To make one page become a drop down from another you’ve created pull it to the right and it will indent.

Save your menu changes at the bottom of the big top box and go see what your new menu looks like on the site.

Note that you can add categories from both the blog and the portfolio to your menu in the same way. If you don’t see them in their own box like you do Pages its a cinch to make them accessible. Look at the top right corner of your dashboard and you’ll see a Screen Options tab. Click it and find Categories or Portfolio – check the box in front of it in options and it will be added to the options on your menu admin area to work from too.

Besides we have added a chance to create a secondary menu only for your mobile version of your theme, this option can be very nifty when you want to cut down large scale menus in order to make the mobile version more clearly.