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Creating Posts

You have a variety of post types you can create with our Themes. Be sure you select the right post type in the right sidebar to match what you want to create here. If you don’t – you’ll be wondering why the theme isn’t working for you. Always double check the post type selected if the builder is not behaving as expected.

About Featured Image:

A lot of WordPress themes use the image you embed in the text area as the thumbnail or preview image on the top Blog page excerpts. Others, like our themes, use the image you set as the Featured Image on top of your post and also as the main blog page preview image – technically known as the thumbnail. You can use this standard post item if you choose rather than the other options found in the Theme Meta Panel. To set the Feature Image, go to the last box in the bottom of the right sidebar http://kodmarktasarim.com on your post builder page and select Use As Featured Image on your Image Upload editor. Naturally, if you want another image beneath the main image somewhere in your article, this you will want to insert the standard way.