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If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us! To grant best support we set up a support forum at http://support.unitedthemes.com. Channeling all requests at one place keeps and makes it simple, easier and even more effective for every customers to get quick help. All issues, requests and questions can be discussed and answered at one place. Please note, you will only get access to our forums with a valid purchase key!


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Quick FAQ

How to update the theme?

Since all data is stored inside the WordPress Database you do not have to worry about a loss of data. If you haven’t touched the source code you can just overwrite the existing files with the new files. Afterwards go to “Theme Options” -> “Manage Presets” (black button upper right corner) and hit “Reload XML”

Where do I get the new files?

After releasing a new update you will be notified by a message which pops up on the “Theme Info” page inside the backend. If this happens, just go to your Themeforest Account -> Downloads and re-download the theme package. This package will always hold the newest version of our theme. After unzipping the package you can start putting the new files onto your server.

But please note, its always wise to have a backup before updating a theme.
If you purchased one of our themes and like it as well as you are happy with our support, please give us a rating at themeforest. For you it’s just one click but for us it means a lot and is a great help for our progress at themeforest. If you plan giving less then 5 stars please drop us an email or a note inside our support forum and tell us why, so we can use your useful feedback in a future update or help you to get your issue sorted out as soon as possible.